Yesterday’s gathering is small yet cozy. We shared lots of sweet backpack memories and recent hot topics. Personally appreciated the time together. We may not be able to haf much of these good and carefree days, but we can cherish what we have and what we can do now.

Hope we dont have to wait till that long to meet up again. Take care people, especially mr peh…

While the gals, we haf endless stuff to carry on. Bus traveling time doesn’t seem to be enuff for one to finish up what one intends. But never mind, we will have the opportunity to. Don’t get too troubled. Problems are meant to be created but ultimately solved. (^.^)

Being tied down by what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s ethical and what’s not, what’s fair and what’s comparative, how i reprimand others and how i should reflect… Full of ethics and principles… I dun want to haf a chance to say sorry nor feel gulity for what i have done.