Shoyu Eggs

Suddenly have a craving for shoyu eggs after Sunday’s ramen. I remembered Ken knows how to prepare them so i ask him for the recipe.

The process is tedious as you may still not be able to keep the yolk perfectly in the centre of the egg to prevent it from overcooking. Anyway, i think my 6 out of 6 eggs are all failure.


Trying to support the eggs so that they are vertically upright instead of lying down.


Looks fine right?


Noooo~ The egg yolk looks cooked and it is on top.


The rest of the likely to fail eggs.


“What are you doing? Anything for me to eat?”


Shoyu sauce: Soya Sauce, rice wine, sugar and some sesame oil. But my soya sauce taste weird… I don’t like.


Soak them overnight in fridge.


Read of another way of cooking the egg. So i tried putting it normally, keep turning the eggs hoping that the white on the side will harden first, shield the yolk inside.


This is the likely to success one. But i forgot to put salt into the water. Now the egg shell has a difficult time to be separated from its flesh.

DSC09108Still fails…

Man & Woman In Toilet

Lester pasted a HWZ link about man and woman in the toilet. They commented that woman’s urinal system is more advance than man. Below is extracted from the thread:


  1. Open panties
  2. Sit
  3. Pee wee
  4. Wear panties


  1. Open zip
  2. Open underwear
  3. Search for kkj in the black forest
  4. Remove strain of kkj hair that got stuck
  5. Open toilet seat
  6. Aim
  7. Aim again
  8. Shoot pee
  9. Shake kkj
  10. Double shake to confirm all pee drop liao
  11. Put back in underwear
  12. Zip up

However i disagree with them leh. We never finish all these in 4 steps. We are also very busy in the toilet. Here is my version of woman in the toilet cubical:

  1. Check toilet clean anot, flush again if it is unsightly
  2. Hook our bag
  3. Clean the seats thoroughly
    Some clean liao still lay toilet paper around the seats
  4. Open panties
  5. Sit
  6. Pee wee
  7. Fart also, coz chio bu dun fart in public
  8. Scratch scratch
  9. Meantime, take some toilet paper
  10. Period season: take out pad ready to change
  11. Some sit for a while then clean after pee
  12. Wear panties
  13. Before leaving the cubical  must check there is no obvious stains left by you, coz it leaves an impression about yourself when the next person comes in.

Photographers Are Not Easy

Realise photographer needs a lot of stamina to carry out their tasks. They hardly sit comfortably in front of their computer, unless they are are post-production these beautiful pictures. They run around, carry stuff, endless adjustment to the lights, the angles of perspective, their subjects and infinite test shots to make sure it just come out right. I’ve tried product shoots for my intern company, it is really tired~ I can’t remember how i fall asleep and i wake up this morning as though i had an extreme exercise yesterday.

I am excited about the new tripod, Vanguard Alta 203AP. With super cool functions like:

  • You can hinge your camera vertical down to take portfolio type of photographs. No more slanting sides and books tilted at angle difficult for cropping.
  • You can also further open the legs, get ultimate close to products on the table, with 2 legs on the table and camera still supported by 1 leg on the ground. Good for really small objects when you want details and not just zoom zoom zoom.
  • Anyway, i just want to show my messy desk.


    Ramen Santouka

    Lester has been talking about this Ramen store ever since he tasted, Ramen Santouka, located at Central just below Ma Maison. This is a slightly different style of ramen compared to Ma-Rutama. The noodle is thicker, eggier, starchier.


    Thicker noodle + clear soup base + spring onion + bamboo shoot

    If you eat char siew (pork), there are a few different soup bases to choose from. However, if you don’t eat pork (like me), the chicken ramen only comes in clear soup base. Pork ramen’s soup base tastes nicer~ No matter what soup bases you choose from, it is less saltish than Ma-Rutama, I find. However, Lester is complaining about the fats around the meat while chicken ramen has all the lean chicken breast meat (I can’t be sure it is breast but Lester says so). I would say the chicken meat is very well marinated, you can taste it even though it is soaked in the soup. The texture of the meat is really different, probably the way they cut or the part they choose, it is very firm when you bite, not like western food chicken breast meat where you basically “shred” the meat.

    Pork Ramen

    Chicken Ramen

    Not all ramen comes with the shoyu egg. My chicken ramen comes with half of it, pork one has none. You can order the shoyu eggs separately from the side dish menu section. In terms of taste, Ma-Rutama beats this shop. This shop is a bit bland, but tenderness is there.

    Shoyu eggs

    I forgot to say that each bowl is super duper hot on the outside, wonder did they oven it or what, so that your noodle still maintain that temperature till you finish your last strand of noodle.

    I believe everyone has encounter instances when your spoon slips into your bowl of soup. This ramen store has an interesting spoon with a slit cut so that it can lean on the circumference of the bowl to prevent such things to happen. But the bowl isn’t that big nor does it has a steep slope on the side, maybe this invention is not really useful here.

    Shouyu eggs

    Actually we saw a couple of Japanese customers patronizing the store, then we realise they have many many branches in Japan. I believe they have a certain standing in this ramen market. Some may love Ma-Rutama others prefer Ramen Santouka but they are similar yet strictly speaking different. Maybe you guys can give it a try, this is really individual.

    Last but not least, Lester’s favourite: 1 whole flask of water for us to self service.

    1 flask of water on the table

    It’s been 5 years, I still don’t understand why he can’t start his food without drinks. This is especially true when it comes to eating in food court as we need to take turns to buy our food. Standard procedure will be: I buy my food, then his turn, he will eat half way or even before he starts, he will queue for drinks. If the queue is long, his cooked food is left to “chill”. I really can’t do this leh. I cannot afford my food to turn cold. I will usually say “Buy later lah…” He will say “Cannot lah… Thirsty~” But he could be eating fishball noodle, got soup what~

    Throughout his meal, he will drink at least 2 glasses of water (or equivalent up to 2 cans of ice lemon tea if we are at food courts) while I will only sip at the start of my meal and drink again only after my meal. Wha~ Like that stomach won’t get bloated meh?

    But he also “fast-in fast-out” type, very fast want to go toilet liao~ So want to watch any long hours movies or concerts with him, you must make sure he empties his bladder cleanly.