Man & Woman In Toilet

Lester pasted a HWZ link about man and woman in the toilet. They commented that woman’s urinal system is more advance than man. Below is extracted from the thread:


  1. Open panties
  2. Sit
  3. Pee wee
  4. Wear panties


  1. Open zip
  2. Open underwear
  3. Search for kkj in the black forest
  4. Remove strain of kkj hair that got stuck
  5. Open toilet seat
  6. Aim
  7. Aim again
  8. Shoot pee
  9. Shake kkj
  10. Double shake to confirm all pee drop liao
  11. Put back in underwear
  12. Zip up

However i disagree with them leh. We never finish all these in 4 steps. We are also very busy in the toilet. Here is my version of woman in the toilet cubical:

  1. Check toilet clean anot, flush again if it is unsightly
  2. Hook our bag
  3. Clean the seats thoroughly
    Some clean liao still lay toilet paper around the seats
  4. Open panties
  5. Sit
  6. Pee wee
  7. Fart also, coz chio bu dun fart in public
  8. Scratch scratch
  9. Meantime, take some toilet paper
  10. Period season: take out pad ready to change
  11. Some sit for a while then clean after pee
  12. Wear panties
  13. Before leaving the cubical  must check there is no obvious stains left by you, coz it leaves an impression about yourself when the next person comes in.

3 thoughts on “Man & Woman In Toilet”

  1. hahahaha funny!
    so true !! i agree with u that woman are way more busyyy in the toilet cubicle man! HAHAHA tt’s why always LONG QUEUE

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