Photographers Are Not Easy

Realise photographer needs a lot of stamina to carry out their tasks. They hardly sit comfortably in front of their computer, unless they are are post-production these beautiful pictures. They run around, carry stuff, endless adjustment to the lights, the angles of perspective, their subjects and infinite test shots to make sure it just come out right. I’ve tried product shoots for my intern company, it is really tired~ I can’t remember how i fall asleep and i wake up this morning as though i had an extreme exercise yesterday.

I am excited about the new tripod, Vanguard Alta 203AP. With super cool functions like:

  • You can hinge your camera vertical down to take portfolio type of photographs. No more slanting sides and books tilted at angle difficult for cropping.
  • You can also further open the legs, get ultimate close to products on the table, with 2 legs on the table and camera still supported by 1 leg on the ground. Good for really small objects when you want details and not just zoom zoom zoom.
  • Anyway, i just want to show my messy desk.