Shoyu Eggs

Suddenly have a craving for shoyu eggs after Sunday’s ramen. I remembered Ken knows how to prepare them so i ask him for the recipe.

The process is tedious as you may still not be able to keep the yolk perfectly in the centre of the egg to prevent it from overcooking. Anyway, i think my 6 out of 6 eggs are all failure.


Trying to support the eggs so that they are vertically upright instead of lying down.


Looks fine right?


Noooo~ The egg yolk looks cooked and it is on top.


The rest of the likely to fail eggs.


“What are you doing? Anything for me to eat?”


Shoyu sauce: Soya Sauce, rice wine, sugar and some sesame oil. But my soya sauce taste weird… I don’t like.


Soak them overnight in fridge.


Read of another way of cooking the egg. So i tried putting it normally, keep turning the eggs hoping that the white on the side will harden first, shield the yolk inside.


This is the likely to success one. But i forgot to put salt into the water. Now the egg shell has a difficult time to be separated from its flesh.

DSC09108Still fails…

6 thoughts on “Shoyu Eggs”

  1. lester: u do the tasting later, my sis says not bad. but i think yolk is cooked. ask her to take picture before she eats.

    wirus: if i succeed… maybe i can cook something for game’s day~

  2. eh the eggs if u float vertically, the yolkwill be like that, most ramen store the eggs yolks. if u want perfect centre, must roll the egg around but keep it horizontal. paiseh didnt know u wanted perfect centre. eh how long did u cook the egg(msn me the reply)? aand did u add water to the sauce? i think u didnt leh! 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sho yu!

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