Eat Japan + More Cooking

It’s a very itchy handed impulse that i bought expensive food. I shouldn’t keep cash in my wallet, that is what i do to prevent myself from spending. Bought Cherry Blossom nuts from Isetan Scotts and 2 package of Japan maggie mee from Liang Court. No more food stuff for me.

DSC09115Cherry Blossom Nuts
DSC09130Japan Maggie Mee

My dad passes me a digital scale which i dunno where he gets it from. This inspires me to bake more. My oven is spoilt and my dad wants to buy a new one for me. should i get microwave or oven for baking cakes? I really loves baking. It’s like playing Play Doh.

DSC09138Digital Scale

Marutama Ramen

Have been eating at Marutama Ramen for quite sometime. They have 2 branches: Central and Liang Court. Aka ramen is considered one of the latest ramen they have launched. Japanese ramen usually comes with char siew, but this Aka ramen served with 3 chicken balls. Shoyu egg is an ala carte order. Chicken balls can also be ordered from the ala carte menu. Before you start digging in, squeeze the lemon into your soup. It gives the soup base a refreshing lemon smell and taste. Marutama’s noodle is distinctively different from many other stores. They are thinner, less soggy therefore firmer and curly.

The very first time i eat at this ramen store when Central first open, i din really like it. I remembered back then they only have 3 or 4 ramen types to choose from. You can either add lemon, egg, spring onions to your ramen that’s all. I think i ordered the normal one with additional spring onion. The soup is oilier than i expected. I gave away my char siew to Lester and i’m left with whole bowl of noodles and spring onions. I wasn’t used to Japanese ramen at that time, i only know Aijisen. One of the characteristics of such authentic ramen is that the soup usually has this layer of oil from cooking the poultry bones for soup. After my 2nd visit, Lester introduces me to other soup base and the ala carte selctions, then it changes my impression totally.

The must-try shoyu egg here. A little runny on the inside… Something that i want to achieve.

DSC09129Marutama Ramen at Liang Court
DSC09119Aka Ramen
DSC09127Chicken BallDSC09120Shoyu Egg
DSC09124Shoyu Egg (Inside)