Eat Japan + More Cooking

It’s a very itchy handed impulse that i bought expensive food. I shouldn’t keep cash in my wallet, that is what i do to prevent myself from spending. Bought Cherry Blossom nuts from Isetan Scotts and 2 package of Japan maggie mee from Liang Court. No more food stuff for me.

DSC09115Cherry Blossom Nuts
DSC09130Japan Maggie Mee

My dad passes me a digital scale which i dunno where he gets it from. This inspires me to bake more. My oven is spoilt and my dad wants to buy a new one for me. should i get microwave or oven for baking cakes? I really loves baking. It’s like playing Play Doh.

DSC09138Digital Scale

3 thoughts on “Eat Japan + More Cooking”

  1. oooo i love Liang Court Meidi-ya !! 😀
    u should try the Japanese cup noodles! next time i let u know tt brand

  2. You must have a good cake mixer which is very important besides the oven. I think if you do not have a mircowave oven at home then it is advisable to get the 2 in 1, 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 – mircowave + convention oven (for baking, roasting purposes) + others. You can make use of my cake mixer if you want to bake.

  3. nikki: yes please… i want to feed myself with instant noodle from all around the world.

    jas: i have one electric hand held mixer. haha~ will those 2 in 1 oven have difficult control over the temperature? especially making cakes, i scare the temperature not accurate.

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