Butter Queen Halloween Bites

Trick or treats? How about a Halloween themed treats to share with friends while wearing your ghostly Halloween costumes?

I was invited to a cake tasting 2 weeks ago organized by Butter Queen. They launch very unique cupcakes and biscuits specially for this occasion.

Butter QueenButter Queen


Grave DiggerGrave Digger


Pumpkin Patch CupcakePumpkin Patch Cupcake

All 4 Cup CakesAll 4 Cup Cakes

Fatty Witch Fingers & Kanasai CookiesFatty Witch Fingers & Kanasai Cookies

Butter Queen is a 3 men team who are exceptionally passionate about brainstorming and creating unique cakes and pastry for their customers. Guess what! They are all animators! You can be sure to get 100% creativity and surprises from their creation.

Do check out Butter Queen at their facebook page.