Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Ever since my first Salt ice cream at Sushi Tei, I kinda fall in love with this savory option. Unfortunately, salt ice cream is only in their seasonal menu.  The closest I can find is Sea Salt Caramel ice cream from Azabo Sabo.

I wish it’s a little harder, like frozen from the fridge. But Lester says Azabu Sabo’s ice cream are soft ice creams, so this is the “hardness”. Taste wise, it isn’t too bad. Caramel blends out taste buds shocks for any first timer who doesn’t like know what this will taste like.

Not forgetting Lester’s all time favorite, anything which deals with banana, Banana Chocolate Ice Cream!

Azabu Sabo - Sea Salt Cameral and Banana Chocolate Ice CreamSea Salt Ice Cream (Left), Banana Chocolate (Right)