Happy Birthday To Lester & Leroy

Today spend a 无所事事 day to celebrate Lester and Leroy’s birthday.

Start off the day with a damn fulling lunch at Outback. Still, we never manage to finish that blooming onion dish. Roam around Marina Square before we go to the Tiger Live “museum” thingy at St James Power Station.

The Tiger Live event is a guided tour, adult fee is $18 but we got the tickets free from Lester’mum. We are early for the show. Therefore, we went to take neoprints at Tiger Den, with stimulated background. There is this 3D animated show which shows how the process of Tiger is made. Cool~


Lastly,we are lead to the bar, Tiger Cool. Tiger beer is best cool between -2°C to 2°C. And we are taught how to tap beer into the glass. It tastes very different when we drink there. Partly because it is chilled at the controlled temperature, partly because the beer there are 3 days old. Those we bought on the shelves are at least 1 week old. See the difference?

Anyway, have been strolling at harbourfront and vivo city before we catch TMNT. It has been a long day, but i hope these 2 birthday boys enjoyed.

Happy birthday to both of you, and treasure your love ones (blink blink).