Graffire 2007

Left to right: Illustrated copy for entry submission, actual canvas painting

Had this canvas painting competition in ADM on Wednesday. We are one of the top 5 finalists who have submitted their entries.

“We saw the word ‘Graffire’ as a fusion between two words, ‘Graf’ and ‘Fire’. The term gave us a general feel of danger and rebel. We also agreed that Fire symbolizes power. Then we thought in context. We wanted our image to be personalized, we wanted it to be dangerous and powerful. Our image is an image of a puppet being manipulated by many powerful strings; the puppet being the artist (which represents us) and the strings representing the many restrictions and influences that artists are facing these days. Restrictions like licensing, etc. and influences from the media are stifling our creativity. However, despite all these, we want to show that our image, our voice, is the most powerful.”

Indeed my very first hand experience with spray paint. At first, i still feel very insecure with it because you cant control them as you would like with a paint brush. But nevertheless, we “nearly finished” the whole composition. Yar… Din manage to put in the lines that holds the puppet which are the main point of the whole canvas.

Din win lar… Lose to Bernard’s group who did the below. But still, we can share their prize with the class, $170 worth of Shaw movie passes. Heez~