My Second Week With ADM

This is my second week of school. Started to get more comfortable with the classes, work load and classmates (they are indeed cute lah). The only problem is I have (the class as well) is understanding the instructions of some lecturers. Sometimes their instructions are so vague or they are so kind to let our imagination roam about that we often don’t quite understand what we are expected to produce. Counter check and check again from friends and lecturer, so scare that we will do wrongly.

I am very happy that i have passed my QET test, thus, no extra english module to take during the course. No words can describe my happiness. My hard work really pays off. I started reading novels half a year ago. Tired also read, par tor also read, eat breakfast also read, in the train also read…

The other achievement i have is improvement in my still life drawing. Actually what Robert pointed out the other nite has made an strong impact. I do hope this will not be any negative forces pulling down my moral, but instead to encourage me to do better. I won’t say what i am now is in my best state, but the improvements i have noticed is great and satisfactory. And most importantly, i am constantly reminding myself not to compare with others. Do what i can, progress slow and steadily. Ai zai~ Ai steady~

Friday went to meet up with my ex-colleagues for dinner. They were shocked by my new image. Always didn’t have chance to speak with the one who i wanted to speak to most in the gathering. In this case, she his Fanny. Really nice to see them around.

Bonky came to my house on saturday. She showed me 1 taiwan magazine, the korean version of Lake House and the hair cream that she is no longer using. Heez~ Thank you gal~ I think she has seen the ugly side of Ah Pi. Cut hair also very fierce, bathe also very fierce. He is an angry dog man~

And also have to thank my beloved for driving me around and accompany me through the nite while i do my weekly assignments.