My First Week With ADM

I’m exceptionally excited for my first day in school. Din sleep well as far as i remembered. I have a superband’s classmate from Mi Lu Bing. Heez~ Anyway, my very first foundation drawing lesson is to draw a female nude model. Yar… Nude one~ You will be too concentrated that you do not think of the embarrassing atmosphere. By the way, you ought to respect what the model is doing. So no laughing matter.

Second half of the day is Literature. Haiz… The lecturer is going on a monotonous and soft manner in the big lecture hall, I’m falling asleep. We have Literature tutorial after that. And I told Karen, “I hope I won’t fall asleep in the tutorial.” Neither do i know, the malay man in simple white tee and jeans is my tutorial teacher till he took out the attendance list to mark the attendance. Damn pai seh…

4D design is the worst. I can’t figure out what the teacher is conveying and she often lost in her own thoughts. A lot of times, we are reminded not to take advantage of what is already present in the surrounding or environment. In other words, to be more observant. Had my first group project during this lesson: to take photos where human is connected to the environment. Sounds chim eh? This is where what i find the differences between poly and jc come in. I can feel that everyone is protecting their ideas, judging what is right or wrong, very similarly to how when I was in poly.

2D design is fun. A lot of exploration work to do. However, I feel most comfortable in this lesson so far. Finding many ways to draw a simple letter “X” with just black and white paint. And the homework for that is explore as many ways to represent tic tac toe and bring to lesson next week. Kinda fun.

After lunch is the Western Art History mass lecture. First thing is to group us up for the first assignment, what Matrix and answer some question. Den off we end our lesson.

No school today. But I wake up to make Oreo cheese cake for my ah dear. Taste excellent but the cheese is too soft. Next time will try to put more gelatine or add some flour into the cheese mixture.

Lots of homework to do even this is first week. A lot of sketches to draw, journals to keep, pictures to take, stories to read and even movies to watch. The lessons have given us lots of room for freedom to do whatever we want, at times we are really lost in the no-guideline environment.

Spend quite a bit on the materials. Very lucky to say that I do not have any text book except Literature and Western Art History. Ultimately, Art Friend will be my best friend for the next 4 years. My daily bag with roller, papers, drawing blocks and materials are indeed aching me. Asking my mum to sew me an extraordinary big bag if she can coz an art file is expensive. Hahaha~

I did not really do a count but there are more jc students in class than the poly. Frequency is not that right but i guess everything will fall in place after which. A lot of people knows how to play music (guitar, piano, keyboard), really talented bunch of people. Stressful? I choose to ignore liao… Do what i can bah…

That’s all… Need to draw again. Till then~

PS: [Any important matter, do contact me via mobile. I won’t be online that frequent.]