Farewell Dinner

Just return from Keong Siak Street from a Farewell Dinner for Edel and June. Both of them have been serving the company for 13 to 14 years and they have decided to end their service today.

I know June as she is in my lunch kaki the first day i started work. I only get to know more about her when we have a number of chance to have individual lunch when Fanny is on hospital leave. Relationship builds stronger when we moved into this new business building and she sits 2 cabinets away from me.

Edel has been the cheerful and loud mummy in the company. Other than comical and nonsensical, she always like to imitate how people behave and talk, making the floor audience laugh. You will remember her as a food icon. She always treat me like a little girl in the company. Call me Ah Hiang in the company until sometimes i also pai seh.

The dinner progresses quite well and the food is nice. We made quite a noisy group of female and the crappy ones. It is always when we bid goodbye, someone started to tear. This time is Fanny. I don’t dare to go near Edel or June coz I know for sure cannot control myself. Neither do i dare to look into Fanny’s direction. The emotions can be easily spread, I thought. Several eye watery incidents, but I managed to clean them off. Hope I can stay calm when my turn comes.

Wish them all the best in their future. We will definitely keep in good contacts.