Beauty & You

Sasa has burnt / will burn a big hole in my pocket. Once again, I am going to return to my secondary school way of buying facial masks and other beauty products. But I definitely have gained some knowledge and become wiser in choosing products that are suitable for my skin.

At the same time I am also thinking, does the theory expensive = good quality in this area? I believe it does. I can’t deny that I sometimes get too obsess with expensive products. However, wisdom tells me we should get stuff that is SUITABLE instead.

Anyway, I have decided to change my toner brand to one of the Korean toner the sales girl has recommended. It is extracted from the plants, no alcohol and has whitening effects. Seriously, I am in quite a dilemma to be either white or tanned. It is easy to be white, and I thought white is beautiful whenever I see the office ladies in Raffles Place. However, I foresee that I will be out in the sun as frequent when I go back to school. Tanning is also easy, just the hazzle to maintain the copper tone with the constant exposure to the killing sunlight. Likely to cause pigmentation if no proper care taken. Too pale looks sick… Too dark wear black colour clothes (which are my favourite) not nice… I now belong to a faded tanned and a tinted fair.

Did a search in the Google, this is what I found in Some leisure reading for ladies who are interested about AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids and BHA – Beta Hydroxy Acid.