Did quite a bit of stuff these 2 weeks:

Last Saturday
Celebrated belated birthdays for Johnson, Serene and Suqin at Marina Steamboat. Still remember the guys do not know how to kill the crabs and in the end give them away to others. Chill out at one of the café at Marina. Talk till midnight before we end or gathering with group photos.

2 birthdays at Aloha, Jean’s and Mei Xin’s. Happy birthday to both of them. Longing to see my primary school classmates, but in the end, none turn up. Had a pretty good chat with Mei Xin’s mother at the gathering. Jean’s one is more happening, probably with lots of youngsters, but poly mates who turns up is quite little.

Went to The Adelphi’s BioSkin for a radio promotion facial. As predicted, they will psycho you to buy their packages which cost thousands. But the treatment is relaxing. Coz I fall asleep in the 20 minutes shoulder massage. Wonder did I snore? Heez~

Attended another birthday celebration at Sengkang. It’s my colleague’s daughter, Shannon, 1 year old birthday. She is very cute, big eyes, chubby face. But she don’t let any of them carry her. If not, she will burst into loud cries.

I believe the focus is the cake from The Patissier, a strawberry shortcake design. I have seen variety programme recommending this shop. More like a novelty bakery, cakes nicely decorated and tastes good. Yum yum…

Had breakfast at Clementi central before we start our badminton game. Geargina, Suqin, Terry and his girlfriend, me and Lester are there for the game. It starts from 11am to about 1.45pm. But the rental for the court is rather expensive. Ate fish and chip, but dun think it is nice.

The click parted, me and Lester went Queensway to buy our badminton rackets and my new water bottle. Was looking for a Adidas cap for quite a long time. But can’t find it also at Queensway. Spend another $80mon toiletries. Sigh…

Next weekend activity will be Bukit Timah Hill hiking.