Asia Pacific Conference 2005

It has been a week after the conference. Trying to recall what had happen in the 4 days 3 nights event…

20 September 2005
All delegates should be checking-in to The Sentosa Resort & Spa – A Beaufort Hotel. Met Joyce and Raymond at the hotel lobby to finalise everything.

As some of them checked-in earlier yesterday, we are not able to hand out the goodies bags to them in time. Joyce has generously offered the house-keeping to put the bags at the counter. Phew~ While me back in my room, enjoy a short break with the Cartoon Network. You know what? My room is all to myself. The bed is as big as you can put 3 pillows horizontally across. I have a bathtub and a big dressing table all to myself.

Tonight is the Cocktail function by Singapore office. Have to wear formal business wear. They are giving away combo drive for door gifts. People who has responded and attended to the cocktail is miserable. Everything is so boring. Me and Zie wander off shortly at the hotel lounge.

Was told to prepare popcorn very last minute for tomorrow’s presentation – a surprise for the delegates to keep them awake after lunch. Chan fetched me to the Holland Village’s 24 hours Cold Storage to hunt for them.

21 September 2005
First day to conference, wake up early to setup the PC and projector with the engineering department people from the hotel. Breakfast at The Terrace, quite a boring spread I thought. Everything runs smoothly throughout, both me and Zie are happily enjoying the 2 tea-breaks during the day. Basically, endless eating from: breakfast to morning tea-break to lunch to afternoon tea-break and dinner.

Tonight’s dinner is interesting. We are going to the Night Safari. Supposedly to arrange for Gourmet Tram, but the maximum it can take is 38 pax. We are overshot by 2.

Anyway, had a welcome drink and was presented with 2 animals: yellow snake and owl at the tram station. Board the tram for at least 20 minutes and see quite a bit of animals. The whole team are separated into 2 groups before we proceed on to a 30 minutes guided Leopard Trail. Yup… All on foot~ At this particular spot, where we see fruit bats and flying monkeys, we have to walk through the trails all alone. Nah~ Din see the tiny winy fruit bats, but the flying monkeys just hang themselves on the trees at our eye level. So big~

Dinner are setup specially for us. I was given a bag of soft toys to share with Zie. Keke~ The last part of it was another 20 minutes tram ride to continue the trail.

It’s funny to see one of my bosses to get so high, wanting the rest of the directors to join her at Safra Mount Faber for karaoke tomorrow nite.

22 September 2005
Last day of the conference to the delegates, but It was only my second last day here. Presentations running in the first half of the day, while ‘The Apprentice’ team break up has just started after lunch.

A coordinator was engaged for this. He did a little demonstration on our delegates, to reflect some human body indicators, on how strong our beliefs are. Very amaze by the result. The most interesting part comes after next as we had role-playing session where 2 of the representatives will pose as difficult clients. So these groups had to perform well in the interview and provide a best solution in the end of the day. Winning team each receive a Creative MP3 player.

Last night dinner was held at the Mount Faber. Took the cable car from Cable Car Station Harbour Front to Mount Faber. Pretty romantic there. Well… I would say the food wasn’t as appetising to me.

Chan came over at night and stay till the next day.

23 September 2005
Oversleep a little. Luckily I prepared everything before I turn in. Phew~ Had our breakfast at The Terrace and met some of the departing colleagues.

I had my last meeting till 12pm before I pack up and leave for the office.

A farewell dinner for Aileen at Plaza Singapura, Mahanttan Fish Market. She will be leaving the company and work in a kindergarten.

24 September 2005
Fanny celebrated his baby, Benjamin, first month. Had a buffet gathering at her condo’s function room. Hmm… We nearly lose our way. Brought Chan along and introduce to the rest of the colleagues. Edel and Catherine was telling him “These are the aunties she mixed around in the office.” Kekeke~ But they are nice people, young at heart.

Some of the photos taken during the conference.