To Be Inspired…

There are countless thoughts in my small tiny brain. All about excelling and changing my attitudes towards the big term, DESIGN.

Suddenly feel a strong urge and motivation to upgrade myself. So much so that I wanted to join a career, FOREVER LEARNING career. And seriously, I am a little bit greedy now. Hunger for books, hunger for knowledge, hunger for experience and hunger for exposure.

Wanted to expose myself to photography, had a little guidance and advise from everywhere. Beleive photography can value-add to my design. Gotta dig my head into books after this September conference. Also, the IDN conference this year at Suntec and Expo. Very keen to go.

Today is Xing Cai’s last nite on the main land. He will be serving the nation from now on. Went to Gone Fishing at Hillview. Surprisingly, in such a terrace estate, you are able to find such a cafe. I would say it is rather relax and carefree, no fanciful decoration and most of all, food there is nice. Had a little chat with the 2 shop assistants, very friendly and chatty. The boss, Kenny, too.

Take up nailart classes at Choa Chu Kang CC. A bit lonely going alone. See pople in 2s or 3s. Hmm… But some of the aunties are fine. Many had attend classes by the instructor.

What i have learnt: how to correctly paint your nails, how to draw the nail art, how to enhance the nail art with the help of glitters, diamonds and other decorative materials.

Most of the material can be purchased in the bookstores. Rather inexpensive. Well… The rest is left for your creativity. These are my first nail art. Ugly~