Shall We Dance


This weekends is rather a busy one. Every chinese has been working on their spring cleaning and chinese new year goodies buying. There is no exception for my family as well…

Woke up at 8am in the morning and was regret to find that i was late for work. Erm… It’s a false alarm. I don’t work on saturdays. Head straight to my bed again till my parents dig me up to go Taman Jurong’s Sheng Song. Spend the morning there to buy those goodies and packet drinks. No doubt, it is definitely crowding.

Started to clear the shoe racks outside, wash the flowers stand and floor. I feel the strains in my back and so, i decided to pull out the long hose out to the corridor instead of carrying pails of water out. Stupid me… I forgot to turn the tap off before connecting the hose to it. In the end, i wet half of my kitchen and whole of myself. Luckily my parents were not at home, if not they will nag at me.

Decided to take a rest, entertain myself with Alice In The Wonderland. Nah~ This is my second time watching it. And i never tahan till the 30 minutes benchmark. I fall asleep again. Conclusion is, i did not bake any cake as i suppose to, neither did i clean the rest of the rooms. Duh~

Had little coffee chats with Bong and my dad late at nite. Erm… What a cold nite it is. Ah choo~


We watched Shall We Dance at Marina Square. Somehow i like the idea of having extreme personalities and different living lifestyles while you are at and after work. Just like Richard Gere in the movie who leads an ordinary lawyer’s life. He had a happy family but realised his life is so boring and dead. Everyday in the train, he would passby this dance studio, noticing Jennifer Lopez standing by the windows in deep thoughts. From there, he decided to give it a try on dancing. Slowly, he emerged and had his passion for dancing grows and blossoms. Heart-warming yet hilarious. Most importantly, you don’t feel as though you are rushing from one scene to another. Relatively slow but comfortable pace.

Met Geargina, Zhi Ming and her family at Marina’s carpark. She shouted, but i can’t figure out who the person is. Lester even mistook her as his mother’s friend. Hohoho~

We headed to Orchard for more shopping. Plan to eat Wen Dong Ji’s chicken rice for dinner but we ate too much junk food on our way. We tried Pepsi’s Fire and Pepsi’s Cold. Yup~ You got that gush of gases all up to your nose.

I was hooked with Sex And The City ever since the Pangkor trip. I still remember bong and me cooped up in the room most of our nites to watch HBO. And now, i have almost completed season 1. Each and every episode is so interesting. The topic is interesting, the conclusion is interesting, the quotes are interesting.