Police Academy

My younger sister’s boyfriend was enlisted to Police Academy 31st January.

Heard him complaining about his food there over the phone. I thought these were the normal stuff the freshies will complain. Only till yesterday nite, my sister showed me all the smses he typed. He goes:

“Dear, when thinking of you makes me feel like crying. ”

“Dear, i really feel like crying but then i can’t. When i hear your voices, i feel like crying. My eyes all turn red. But i must hide.”

“Dear, now i’m inside, i find that i love you a lot.”

“Dear, i bought you a red color diary for you to write down the days without me…”

Man~ Poor boy… This is the first time he expresses his soft side to my sister. I see liao also gei xim. I was trying to help him to get familiarise with the parade commands also. He keeps gana in the day. Rather demoralising…