Prepartaion For Chinese New Year


Wake up damn early just to go for the shoe fair at Suntec City. Duh~ I thought how big it will be. But nah~ It’s just a small function room and nothing suits me.

Had a breakfast cum lunch at Cedele… Heez~ The bread and soup is nice nice nice. Feel rather cosy to have breakfast nowadays, coz i usually sleep till the sun scorch my backside. Heez~

Do some grocery shopping at Carrefour for cheesecake ingredients. Today is ‘Low Can Cook, So Can You’. First time trying out by myself, dunno whether it works anot.

Struggle a little to find all the kitchen utencils. Plus a little mistake here and there, finally finish everything by 6pm. Nite time, we help out to make pineapple tarts for chinese new year. Nice experience.


Went Kenny’s house for house-warming party. Spend about 10 to 15 min just to look for his block. Rather confusing way of numbering the estates. Saw a number of familiar faces from the poly. Being showed around the apartment, i still like his room best. With the walls painted in purple-blue colour, i can sleep soundly quickly. But we also coope up in the room most of the time. Heez~

Returning back to home, we start doing little spring rolls with pork floss for new year. Not enough ingredients… Shall continue tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the day after the day after tomorrow.


And as for today… I overslept in the bus again.

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BONG… Make a wish~ (^_^)