Friday has been a public holiday. So meet-up time for me with Chen Hui and Yi Mei. We went Esplanade rooftop and discover lots of changes. You will no longer see the big and spaces for sitting. Instead, they have the plants and platforms built.

Dinner at The Rice Table, because i have the voucher. Heez~ Pai seh huh… I’m quite a bit hungry at that point of time. Conclusion is i eat 3 servings of apple salad, 4 chicken satays, about half or more tahu telor and many others.


Watched Elektra at Plaza Singapura. Elektra’s scene settings are pretty clean and zen-like. The animation effects are damn good. Story plot wise, well, all rounding the topic action-pack, what more can you expect?

Bought a lot of clothes and accessories from Plaza Singapura and Far East Plaza. If you want real fashion, this is it.

Recently hooked onto accessories like: earrings, bracelets especially and a couple of necklace. Hope to add to my collection soon. Heez~