The Phantom of Opera


These days have been really busy as both bosses are back in the office. Lately, I have to wait till 6pm in order to wait for London to turn 9am for business operating. So i waited, and waited, and waited patiently. Heez~ It’s just a funny feeling when London greeted you with a “Good morning!” while you are about to pack up and leave.

Watched The Phantom of Opera at GV Marina. The theatre is tiny winy small, but cosy. I din know about this story when i went to watch. Just that all my colleagues in office siao musical, and they have good reviews for this. Hmm…

I enjoyed throughout. Most of their conversations are expressed through singing. So you gotta pay 100% attention to their singing most of the time. And my dear, you have been fidgeting a lot. You need more of such training. Haha~


We went Funan IT Mall. Lester can’t resist the ipoh Shuffle temptation and made a deposit. It’s not that they are not on the shelves yet. They have been sold out~ Next batch will only come next week.

We walk all the way to Chinatown for some clothing. Bought 2 skirts, 1 top and 1 jacket from OG and People’s Park Market. Well~ Those fashion shops in People’s Park Market are not selling any cheaper as well. Did went to the Chinatown Market. Hmm~ Nothing catch my attention. But i discover this year fashion is a little Bohemia + Thai like clothing. It’s all in colourful and cool material. But then, they din attract me. I tried the long skirt, and they become my ‘very long skirt’. Duh~ Can’t help it.

Heard the loud fire crackers and squeeze our way into the crowd. I promise i won’t do that. Nearly cannot breathe. Erm… Anyway, we see nothing as well. Haha~


I catch a cold last nite. I think it might be becoz of my cold shower in the middle of the night. My eyes went swollen and i’m keep going ‘ah-choo’ continuously. That is killing me. Stuck 2 tissues to my nose, i know that’s ugly, but my nose feels more secure and stop all the ‘ah-chooing’. Funny nose.

Can’t wait for chinese new year. Feel rather different.

Oh yar… Tonight Singapore vs Indonesia in Tiger Cup. Saw Mohd Ridhuan, No. 2 player, in the Singapore team. At that point of time, “You finally make it to national team~” strikes me. This guy is my secondary school classmate. He has been excelling in school team’s track and field and school team’s soccer. Rather recognised, and he was sent to national team at his secondary school age. But i remember he was caught smoking with his friends in the void deck. That disappoints those PE teachers. Anyway, since he has found his path of career, shall congrats him.