Isetan Private Sales

Yesterday knock off on the dot. Getting more and more punctual when it comes to knocking off. Don’t really feel like staying in the office nowadays. Went over to Lester’s house, suppose to eat jap food at Liang Court, but his mum suggested to go for Isetan private sale.

Used to work in Isetan as well. Private sales are usually a 1 day event, meant for Isetan cardholders only. In the day, you will see people of all working ages, loitering around the store. Guess what: most of them took a day of just for that sales.

We had our dinner at Akashi restaurant first. Waited for quite some time before our food are served. Very small yet crowded atmosphere of eating. But this is how a normal Japanese restaurant should be like in japan.

Walk all the way along the Forum to Isetan. I have already had my shopping engine geared up. Both the ladies went to the ladies department for goodies while Lester went up to the men and sports department. Been digging stacks after stacks of clothing and undergarments. Eh… Rather good bargain leh. A lot of Triumphs’ bras have ran out of my size. The varieties are there, but the colors wise doesn’t suit me. Heez~

I bought don’t how many sets of undergarments, 2 bikinis, 1 spaghetti top for the beach, 1 billabong beach bag and 1 billabong cosmetic pouch. Did not really buy anything that will require me to try. The dressing room’s queue is forever so long. Most of the apparels are just grab and go. Lester, on the other hand, bought 1 nike jacket, 1 nike long pants and 1 billabong belt.

Hmm… Didn’t buy any new year clothing. Thinking of going to Toa Payoh Central, Jurong East Central and Chinatown shophouses to look look see see. These are the top neighbourhood choices for new year shopping. Definitely can get apparels of your choice.