Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is a half day work for me. Duh~ But my half day ends as late as 2:40pm becoz of the celebration. We have a company lunch in the meeting room. Good food, good fruit soberts, and i’m only offer to sparkling water. (-.-‘”) The lunch starts at 12pm and ends around 1 hour later. Then they started their game session. We have some brain cracking games, some “breathe-consuming” games and singing competition. The funniest part is when one of the directors volunteer to perform hokkien songs despite his jia-gan-dang look.

Lester pops in in the middle of the celebration with flowers in his hands. I stand-rooted for a split seconds before i regain my ‘conscious’. Followed in the background are loud howling and cheering by all my colleagues. [Hope my colleagues din frightened you off.]

Anyway, i just ended my office day with lots and lots of presents. Dinner was held in Lester’s house. Eating steamboat. Yum~ I love the califlower with cheese the most. Not forgetting all the other food laying on the table. Thank you for your hosting. Supposely, to watch Love Actually again, but we K.O. too early.


Wake up late in the afternoon, wash up and return back to my house. Went for some photo developing before watching Kungfu Hustle in Great World City. It really makes a big difference with the financial supports from other bigger media investor. I keep staring at the credit screen, looking for some ang-mos names. Nope~ Din find any. Animation to music and sound effects are done by the chinese. A bit boh-kor-leng for me. Haha~

Meet up with the click: Laily, Suqin, Jackie at Bukit Panjang for dinner. We ate zhu chao. I think this is the first time all agreed to top-up the rice portion in the mid of eating. An we went out for a short car-ride to West Coast Park. Little little chat-up here and there. Only till then, i know Jackie is leaving to Thailand in months to come. Best wishes pal… I want pork floss from thailand when you are back. Heez~

Day After Christmas

I have never been so “on” to go to my aunt house, ever since that incident happen. Hmm… My aunt aged a lot.

Shortly after that, my little nephew, Hao Hao, return home, with his father, whom is my cousin, and his new girlfriend. His father is currently divorcing with his wife. Not because of this new girlfirend, but because the wife leave them. I was greeted with shockness actually when i saw another lady. And my little nephew is so used to the new girlfriend’s presence that he called her jie-jie. Same goes to my aunt’s family. They had no objection to the current relationship.

Asking about my views: i think the new girlfriend will be a better daughter-in-law for my aunt’s family. She is able to convince the family that she don’t mind my cousin have 2 children, been a divorcee, and most importantly, able to be the support for my cousin at this period of time. I feel the changes in my cousin. Perhaps, when you are a father, you will react differently. But quite a big change in his behaviors. A good change, of course.

Trying to play with Hao Hao at the start. Couldn’t really understand what he is talking about. You need to be quite idiotic and childish in order to understand i guess. At first, i find him alright. Sitting quietly in my uncle’s arms, watching tv. Slowly, he starts to show me toys and more toys. Next are his vcds collection. Then, he hits me with the ruler in his hand. Ultimately, jumping onto me and suffocating me with all the cushions.

Kids~ Wonder will he remember me when i visit him next time.