New Police Story

Watched New Police Story at GV Plaza Singapura yesterday. The movie focuses quite a bit on the story plot. Indeed veri different from the past Jackie Chan’s movies. They had a fair share of the kungfu fighting among the casts. Not those usual focus on Jackie Chan alone. Nicholse Tze is cute. But somehow i just cant shake off the troublemaker image from him. And Jackie Chan aged alot… Time flies..

Dinner wif Bong and Lester at Taka B2 Japanese restaurant. Shop around and we bought lots of cds. Spotted one of the Singapore Idol who has been eliminated in the group round. Sibei hao lian… I diaoz him all the way while crossing the street. But the gals at Cineleisure crowd around him to get his autogragh. Sibei bo liao… Singapore idol cannot make it one. Damn lot of catfights and hidden scandals. Fake~

I guess i catch a cold last nite. Either i wear too little (which is pretty much impossible) or i bathe at quite a late hour. Ah-chooing thru the nite. Can’t even get a proper sleep. Idiot… Fall asleep 2 times in the day. Wasted my sunday time. But managed to find a new cartoon series that i enjoyed. Hai… The merging of Mediacorp and Mediawork causes some changes in Channel U’s program. Afternoon’s Wan Quan Yu Le, sunday’s Shen Huo Zhi Hui wang taken off. Haiz… The next i guess is Zhong Yi Da Ge Da and other variety shows liao…