Busy Weekends

Meet up wif Kenny at Causeway Point on friday. Both of us are late. Had our dinner at Causeway Point’s foodcourt. I took quite a long time to queue for my food, until Kenny thought i lost my way in the mall. Diaoz~

Endless catching up wif his house renovation, his postings, both our future plans and stuff… Walk around the mall to get our food digest. Saw Ahmad in one of the shop wif his family. Catch up a little wif him. But he is plain too busy wif his kid who run here and there. Wat a funny father i would see.

Saturday is steamboat at Laily’s house. Serene called me up last minute to get the groccey list done. Rush down to the wet market downstair wif both my parents. They choose i pay. I can’t imagine being a full-time housewife, facing meat, prawn and fish everyday. Quickly unpacked everything and did a list-checked at home. I head back to bed for a nap first coz i buai dong.

Meet Lester at IKEA to buy some stuff before heading back to my house again. Bought Tiger at NTUC and bumped into another botak. I din expect tat botak to call Lester. I noe tat botak, he is from my primary school, but we never interact. Carry all the stuff and fetched Serene on the way to Laily’s house.

Dinner starts around at 6 plus in the evening. The table is full of food and nothing but food. It’s annoying because our steamboat and hotplate took a long time to get heated up. But we still gobble food into our stomach. Watched Channel U’s variety wif Geargina as one of the contestant. Haha~ Entertaining though, but it is still strange to see my friend inside that small TV…

Chenhui called me up in the mid of my steamboat. I’m over-excited. Din expect him to but was really happy to hear from him. Well~ He is surviving well inside. Nothing to complain to me yet. I’m waiting for him to be out again 2 weeks later.

We started to drink in the second half. Me, Lester each took 2 cans of Tiger. Jackey took 1 can and 1 cup of fruit champagne. The rest are on 1 cup of champagne onli. Can see a few significantly gongz at that instant. My head started to spin after the first can. Too heavy until i need to rest my head on the cushion, the floor, the sofa and everything. Ended the nite wif everyone full and drowsy. But happy~

Wake up by noon time. Guess being alert by my sms. First one by Geargina: “Now i think think think… I think i look weird on tv…” Time dated 3am in the morning. Diaoz~ Crazy gal must be. Hahaha~

So today slack out with Lester at Orchard. Manage to pyscho my dad to fetch me to Orchard. Fortunate leh~ Tea break at Blood Cafe, dinner at Marche. Both of us witness an accident. But we onli started to get alert when several ladies are shouting at the back. Oh my god… Indeed scary~ The little boy should be fine but confirm being shocked by the incoming car that hit him down.

Marche environment is a ‘whoa’ to me. I still remember the tagline for this restaurant : “A restaurant in a market.” Indeed a market-like atmosphere. I eat a lot anyway… Rostie wif chicken sausage, grilled chicken, fried hong kong noodle, pizza and waffle… Yum…