The Terminal

I love ‘The Terminal’… A good mixture of humour, friendship, love… Pity is: the relationship between Tom Hank and the air attendance din work out. If not story shall ends with a beautiful story. Pretty heart-warming, can be classified together with ‘Love Actually’. But me get distracted every now and then becoz of the cold room…

Look for my blading guards at Suntec. And then meet up with Serene and Bong to buy presents. Got Johnson 1 photo frame, 1 shirt and 2 pairs of boxers. Wahaha~ Dinner with the rest of the click at conventional hall, Kuali Restaurant. It’s an asian crusinie buffet. Food wise not bad, the staff there clear plates veri fast, refill water also veri fast. Hahaha~

Regretted leaving the sheet of questionaire with Lester before watching the movie. Should haf asked him to do it in front of us, den i can laugh out loud mah. Becoz i gana cheated by my younger sister as well. Still remember she is laughing so hard at my stupidity. (-.-‘”)

Last round of dessert at Esplande’s Chocolate Bar. Most of us can’t eat anymore, so we choose drinks instead. The queue is long and the waitor with DIAMOND EARRING is handsome. Wahaha~ My seat doesnt allow me to bio. Pity~

Before everything ends, we ‘present’ the presents to Johnson. I think he is still quite shock to receive boxers as his presents. Wahaha~ Saw my cousin, Y Lit, twice in the Esplande. Not much change, still so fair in the army. Never get tanned…

We went separate ways after, but all gals took the same bus home. Talk a lot obout the sucky work and society. Full of complaints and grumble.