Well~ Well~ Pretty free now… Haf been watching tat taiwan cartoon liang zhu… Quite touching. But the animation is quite similar to the mulan’s style… Not unqiue enuff to say it’s taiwan production. But i haf heard, the animation is done in china. Sob! Sob! Wanted to upload it to my web host, but 318MB. Cannot support ah…

A couple of funny things tat happened~

1) My dad fetched me to work yesterday. In the vehicle, i tried to bring up the backpacking issue to him. I reminded him the duration tat i will most prob be away. Den he oso reply veri gently, “A… Dun go can anot? Ur mum asks u nt to go.” I started to tease him, “Is this ur opinion or mum’s opinion?” He kept quiet. Until the moment i’m alighting, he said again, “If u are to ask ur mum, ur mum will surely point the finger at me.” I laugh at this stupid conversation. Both my parents are like pushing the responsibilities ard, trying all their mights o change my decisions. Yet on the other, they don’t really wanna to fuse me up. Funny couple~

2) I was told to change my water bottle by my lor soh dad. Previously is those soft drinks water bottle, approxi 550ml. Now?! 1.25 litres capacity de water bottle. Wat leow… Veri heavy leh… It’s so big and fat in my bag. And i fill them to the brim… U noe my xin ku?

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