2nd day of ITP, fine… Doing some photo editing for the pictures i captured yesterday. Heez~ The moment i sit in front of the computer, i feel like sleeping. Idiot. Damn it!

After work, receive a sudden call frm Xing Cai (primary school frend). Well… Meet up wif him in City Hall to eat dinner. Then shop for my ‘food gourmet’ in Carrefour. Bought a lot of tibits and drinks. Hmm… Yummy… During our conversation, happen to noe tat he broke off frm his girlfrend. Sad… Another broke off case. Can’t life be better and smoother?

Shortly, leaving Carrefour, I saw Bong’s price cahrming. Hahaha~ Quickly call her to report. Then me and him go Chinatown. Its been long time i hang out wif him. Remember the very last time is secondary 1 december. Goodness… Chinatown is really packed. But the atmosphere and the ambience there really make u feel like u are celebrating new year. I spot some tee- shirts as cheap as $5. Gonna grab them when i return.

Then we took bus number 197 back to Jurong. ZX gets up the bus at Bukit Merah. I roughly noe is him. But onli went forward to say bye when i reach my stop. Sigh… Haf been talking to Xing Cai about the guy i like. Nah… Jus to ensure and make sure that no other wrong impression i haf left him. Used to like Xing Cai. Primary school ideal boyfrend. But now, I haf my target change to HIM. Every stage of my education, i haf one, one that makes me feel so unforgetable. Still remember before HIM is Xing Cai. But after HIM, i din find anyone better. I have crushes, but usually short…

Better record down who i like:

1) Xing Cai (primary school classmate)

2) HIM

3) Zhi Wei (working colleague in Taka)

3) Blackman (for admiring purpose)

So far these… I started to lost count… Hahahaha~

Today is my first attachment. Not feeling tat rebelious, tat disatifying as compared to the day of interview. The boss is quite nice lah… And our supervisior shows her softer side.

We can wear basically anything. Dun wear cannot lah… Heez… 3/4 pants, tees, sandals… Shiok sial… Gonna picnic in my office. I have 2 drawers. So me gonna keep chocolate, tibits, sweets and instant food.

Eat at the food court somewhere near my company. The food taste sucks. I miss the food in FC6. Intended to go back tml. We shall see how the heaven arrange us…

By the way, I’m doing screen capture (print screen) for flash animations. They intend to export the pix and layout them into a book. By the way, they teaching chinese huh! Can u imagine how difficult our life is? all rusty le…

Nothing much to complain… More to come in the 4 months. Hahaha~

Starting ITP tml… Erm… Today i mean.

Cannot sleep now. I dunno how it will be like. So sian.

Anyway, gambatek everyone! We shall get through the stupid 4 months…

Well… Well… Serene gossips with me on the way back home after work. She is telling me who matches me in the whole DMMT. Got 3 to 4 names who matches me in the entire course. Hahaha~ Funny to find some in the list, but generally quite expected. I shall put them in my waiting ‘boys’ list bah. Hahaha~ Becoz this is a confidential information, the names shall not be disclosed. Heez~

Received a mms today… From tat JACKY! Hmm… He took a pix of me the last day of our chalet, on the journey in the train. I was like sleeping so ugily. Nah… I shan’t describe how ugly it is, spoilt my image!

Yesterday saw my grandparents and my 6th uncle in NUH. I tink my grandparents are coming for medical appointments in the clinic. I bet they din saw me. Roughly for the entire 10 yrs, din go to their house for chinese new year, nor any celebrations, nor phone calls. My dad had a big quarrel yrs back, and he fobids us to keep in touch wif his parents. Still in contact with the other uncles and aunts, but not his parents. Hmm… Others did ask me ‘DON’T YOU WANNA CHANGE THE CURRENT SITUATION? DON’T YOU WANNA DO SOMETHING TO BREAK ALL THESE COLD WAR?’ But seriously saying, I”M BY MY DAD”S SIDE. He is right…

I’m back, pals! Have been going for a chalet at Pasir Ris Costa Sand the past 3 days. And now I getting very sleepy… … zzzZZZ

Not much activity on the first day. So all of us turn in early at around 2am. Very surprise to receive phone call from HIM, telling me he is coming for the BBQ. I thought he has forgotten about everything. My immediate response is to rush to the room and tell my frendz about this. Yipee~ By 4am, some donkeys have gotta themselves drunk in other apartment. They sing and shout so loudly in the corridors, waking all up.

Travel back all the way to school for ITP briefing. My frendz have been telling me that I swing my head so vigorously (left to right) that the other travelers sitting beside me, on the train, are like staring at me. Hahaha~ Pai seh…

The ITP briefing is like a waste of time. The lecturer is talking quite a bit of rots here and there. While me, myself prefer the ‘inspiring director’. And our liaison officer, Tim R, has been wasting our time also. He keeps saying about Mediacorp and stuff and FLIRTING as well… Goodness gracious. Last last station is back to Carrefour to make grocery shopping.

Nite time came around, and we gotta our BBQ started real late. We reach the chalet at 7:15pm. Then busily defrosting this and that, cutting meats, washing, starting the fire. My boy arrived at around 7:30pm. Wat lau… I dunno how should I introduce HIM to my frendz and my frendz to HIM. He has been trying to look for Laily the moment he enters. Then he was like looking around see what can he help out… Finally, he settled down by the pit, starting to ‘beng gang’ the food. Well… He challenges me to beng that chicken wings. Send him off at around 11pm. I was asking “where are you approaching to?” He replies going to frend’s house. But but, tomorrow he has school to attend. I started to think did he come all the way for this BBQ then go to his frend’s house somewhere near Pair Ris, then go back to school together the next day. Erm… I feel bad!

Did some housekeeping in the room, washing and throwing of utensils, washing of corridors after everything ends. I prefer doing the cleaning job. Hahaha~ Wake up real early the last day to check out. Not having a good mood… Sleep all the way back home.

World Filled With Love – Craig David


Saw some pictures in the paper,

of a girl I’d met the day before.

I couldn’t believe that hours later,

I had reporters knockin at my door,

But I used to dream about,

the life I’m living now and,

I didn’t think I’d miss those things from the past,

and I’m not afraid of leaving,

or letting go of what I had,

cause I realize that now there’s no turning back.


Cause I’m caught living in a world filled with love,

so when tear drops fall from me like rain from above,

I can brush my troubles away,

know that deep down inside,

I got sun shining in my life.


I used to think I could get better,

my girlfriends always used to get me wrong.

Some just sent messages, love letters,

but those kinda feelings never lasted long.

Cause now the only love I find’s within a castle made of sand,

and when the tide goes out it’s swept away.

Though I got my peace of mind,

and time is firmly on my side,

and through the battles I can safely say…


Cause I’m caught living in a world filled with love,

so when tear drops fall from me like rain from above,

I can brush my troubles away,

know that deep down inside,

I got sun shining in my life.

[Music Break]


Cause I mean I’m caught living in a world filled with love,

so when tear drops fall from me like rain from above,

I can brush my troubles away,

know that deep down inside,

I got sun shining in my life.

I’m caught living in a world filled with love,

so when tear drops fall from me like rain from above,

I can brush my troubles away,

know that deep down inside,

I got sun shining in my life.

Yawn… Now i’m in SP, T2054. In fact, many of us here. We will miss the school. Actually it just reminds me tat we are going to part… (T.T)

And another shooping trip for me, Laily and Kenny yesterday. Cheers, pals. (^.^)

Second entry of the day… Not my way of doing actually.

Having ‘mood swing’, and i feel terrible. Now browsing the Friendster pictures and i saw him. He changes his pix. Too many things happen within this Decemeber, frm his birthday, to meet him out for collection of present, to our committment to go shopping, to gathering and stuff…

Seeing him too much is not an good idea. Contacting him too much is not the right choice.

Now, i left with nothing.

Everytime i lost him, i will be like desparately looking for him. Should i say i’m tired of all these nonsense? Should i put in this little ‘regrets’ for whatever i’ve been doing in the past?

Everyone praises him… Should i?

Ever since dunno when I have not been tagging along with my parents for shopping. So, my daddy returns home early. And the kpo me just tag along with both my parents to shop for new year clothing. We go places like Boon Lay, Jurong East, and all those wulu wulu neighborhood shopping centers. It’s a long time I neber go to these places. Used to shop for new year clothing there when I’m small. But now… Sigh… Quite a fruitful trip. I bought 3 tops and 1 three-quarter bottom. But I will still be hunting for more in the next shopping trip.

Second half of the day, spend my times with my NUH triage staff at Holland Village’s Swensen. Just a simple gathering to bid goodbye to whoever who are not coming back. Just all the best. Happen to hear from 1 of the staff that a complain has been wrote to the Straits Times’s Forum. Erm… Complaining that the thermal scanner staff uses his handphone during working hours. Not serious in work and stuff. I’m not veri sure about the details either. Perhaps, someone can look up for me and post it somewhere? But I noe the ‘heads’ are very concern about such matters.

Whoo hoo… Happy New Year 2004, people! Make my wishes first! (1) I want myself to be happy and healthy. (2) I want my pocket to have more money. (3) I want all of my pals to have their dreams come true.

This will be a long entry… … … … … … … … …

Yesterday attended a gathering with Chen Hui and Yi Mei. Supposedly to have 4 people, last minute the other gone missing. Nah… We still haf a great time together. Sincerely wanna thank Chen Hui from renting the car for such ‘special occasion’. Very honored to have a lift from friend. Driving skill not bad, zai lor… (*Hint hint: Anyone who pass their license, can you please bring me out for a spin? I will appreciate it very much one.) Landed up in Holland Village to eat ‘Fei Cui Xiao Chu’. Yummy! We ordered the scallops and it’s like so BIG. And I eat a lot. Hahaha~ Chats, laughters, problems sharing. Whenever I meet up with them, I like to listen to what they have to say. I dunno why. They have very interesting issues to talk about bah.

Next stop is the Labardor Park. Somewhere near the Pasir Panjang. To be exact, the opposite side of this park is the Sentosa. Many say that Labardor park is haunted. Well… If you are a ‘Hey, Singapore!’ fan, you should aware that they do investigate about the tunnels that are able to link to the Sentosa. One of the tunnels is located there. Hmm… Haunted as in WWII, soldiers have been there. So many complained that they heard marching footsteps of the soldier troops. Spooky~ We found a good spot at the jetty for chats. We just have plain lot to say. Then then to Mount Faber again. The wind is damn real blowing hard and cold. Mei catch a cold after that. Weak sial… Hahaha~

Send Mei home straight after this. Erm… As for me… I requested Chen Hui to take me for a spin. So both of us went to the Jurong Hill, just a small lane up from the Jurong Bird Park. Both of us walk up the spiral building, overlooking the Jurong Island. Bright lights flickering in the silent night while both of us continue our chats. People change too much. And at thimes, I really think I need to slightly slower down my pace, give my pals a pat on the shoulder and ask ‘How are you?’ What Chen Hui says usually I treat them as a golden piece of advice. Maybe because I dun haf a brother to guide me, I admire people with mature mentality and personality, especially guys. It just makes me listen to them. At least I feel comfortable and I find my way to what I should do. And and Chen Hui, you are a good advisor. But mind you, dun get too proud when you read this hor?! Keke~ Ended my day at 3:30am. Tat’s tiring.

As for today, I start my day with Geargina at Choa Chu Kang Kbox. First time there. Nice environment. Practically, I dunno what has happen to my voice. It sounds airy and so damn soft. Arghh…

Dinner at Breeks, Marina Square. Spend money again. Have a very enjoyable meal with my click (Lester, Jacky, Serene, Qin and Geargina). Very fulling… What I like best is the desert, the fruit tarts. Yum yum! I din really eat according to appetizer to main course to desert. I jump straight to main course then to desert then to main course to desert again. Luan hor? And I have been telling them ‘I’m an angel!’ But none is convinced. Is it really that hard to lie to an angel? Anyway, I’m really an angel. Hahaha~ I promise I din drink, but I noe I’m talking rubbish. Hahaha~

Walk around in the Carrefour, looking for fire cracker. Din manage to find any. Instead, we side-track a lot. Going to the toys department, vcd department and stationery department. Hahaha~ Last stop is the Esplande. And the crowd is so pack. Not forgetting what ones are waiting for. Waiting for a good chance to see the fireworks. Hahaha~ And the fireworks are real beautiful. Everything lasted to around 10 minutes. Quite long… This is my 3rd time seeing fireworks.