Ever since dunno when I have not been tagging along with my parents for shopping. So, my daddy returns home early. And the kpo me just tag along with both my parents to shop for new year clothing. We go places like Boon Lay, Jurong East, and all those wulu wulu neighborhood shopping centers. It’s a long time I neber go to these places. Used to shop for new year clothing there when I’m small. But now… Sigh… Quite a fruitful trip. I bought 3 tops and 1 three-quarter bottom. But I will still be hunting for more in the next shopping trip.

Second half of the day, spend my times with my NUH triage staff at Holland Village’s Swensen. Just a simple gathering to bid goodbye to whoever who are not coming back. Just all the best. Happen to hear from 1 of the staff that a complain has been wrote to the Straits Times’s Forum. Erm… Complaining that the thermal scanner staff uses his handphone during working hours. Not serious in work and stuff. I’m not veri sure about the details either. Perhaps, someone can look up for me and post it somewhere? But I noe the ‘heads’ are very concern about such matters.