2nd day of ITP, fine… Doing some photo editing for the pictures i captured yesterday. Heez~ The moment i sit in front of the computer, i feel like sleeping. Idiot. Damn it!

After work, receive a sudden call frm Xing Cai (primary school frend). Well… Meet up wif him in City Hall to eat dinner. Then shop for my ‘food gourmet’ in Carrefour. Bought a lot of tibits and drinks. Hmm… Yummy… During our conversation, happen to noe tat he broke off frm his girlfrend. Sad… Another broke off case. Can’t life be better and smoother?

Shortly, leaving Carrefour, I saw Bong’s price cahrming. Hahaha~ Quickly call her to report. Then me and him go Chinatown. Its been long time i hang out wif him. Remember the very last time is secondary 1 december. Goodness… Chinatown is really packed. But the atmosphere and the ambience there really make u feel like u are celebrating new year. I spot some tee- shirts as cheap as $5. Gonna grab them when i return.

Then we took bus number 197 back to Jurong. ZX gets up the bus at Bukit Merah. I roughly noe is him. But onli went forward to say bye when i reach my stop. Sigh… Haf been talking to Xing Cai about the guy i like. Nah… Jus to ensure and make sure that no other wrong impression i haf left him. Used to like Xing Cai. Primary school ideal boyfrend. But now, I haf my target change to HIM. Every stage of my education, i haf one, one that makes me feel so unforgetable. Still remember before HIM is Xing Cai. But after HIM, i din find anyone better. I have crushes, but usually short…

Better record down who i like:

1) Xing Cai (primary school classmate)

2) HIM

3) Zhi Wei (working colleague in Taka)

3) Blackman (for admiring purpose)

So far these… I started to lost count… Hahahaha~