Finally gt a chance to update what has happened sunday. Well… My friend cum to my hse to style my hair for my presentation. Hee… Room rather pack with 3 person. Veri squeezy… So, he asks me to continue with my stuff, while he take a good look at my hair. Whoa… He takes out his barang – 3 bottles of hair cream and gel… Started to mess up my hair by applying all the stuff and water. Then, Laily is laughing away. She dare not see… Didn’t get my hair done actually. Becoz my hair is a bit thicker and too long to style. Hai… I guess he juz didn’t get my hair style as wat he pictured.

He stay throughout with me and Laily in the room. Giving lots of suggestions, ideas, comments to our design. And of course, surrounding topic about BLACKMAN. I set blackman’s photograph in my desktop. Wha… He says he resembles daniel chan, gt star look. Heez… Getting jealous, i guess… Then Laily gan gan say my guest resembles blackman. But my guest shows a doubtful expression. We tease him tat he may haf a distance relative. Heez… He commented tat blackman is bai chi, xiao bai lian… (-.- ‘ “)

We finished watever we shld and get moving on to the box. He is a quick thinker. Well… He manage to transform my box to the box tat we use for the presentation. Cool engineering guy… Tat’s a great deal he did for me… Really a big favour. Hmm… While cutting up the cardboard, we keep reminding each other to be careful and stuff… Nah… Juz feel kinda sweet. Laily disappears herself into the kitchen for a drink. At this veri moment, i commented tat he is veri DARK. I mean complexion dark. He say something which left me in another difficult situation. He say “Then you prefer white or black?” White == Blackman, Black == Him. I juz shoo him off by saying “Dun ask me all these crap lah…” Really! It embarrases me… I didn’t even dare to lift up my head.

We shifted into the room again for our work. Hmm… Cutting and sticking the box up. My guest says again”Dar! Finish already anot?” Without much thinking, i reply “No” Can you imagine wat he has jus called me? DAR == DARLING. I shy liao… He huh? Cannt make it leh… Dunno wat is bi xian (avoid gossip) one. Luckily, Laily didn’t overhear tis… Phew! Or else she sure laugh one. He veri sweet lor… Massage my neck… Things and stuff… Think Laily really didn’t see all those small little actions happening under the table. Opps! Keke…

See him off to bus stop at ard 6pm. He is going to grandmother hse. Eh… Laily again, ask him out on behalf for me. To watch the matrix thing on 6th… But gott see how. His last paper ends at 6th nov. Then, Laily even suggest to ask Blackman along, then can compare both my guest and Blackman. She ganna shoot back, “Dun need to compare one lor…” Hee…

Tat ends our day.

And i haf finished my fyp! Hooray! (u.u)