Yesterday is my veri first NSC proper training. Supposely, we shld haf our test for the third year student. But dunno why camncel. Maybe it is postpone. The first half of the lesson, we went tot the BizIT library to borrow some magazines, communication art related magazine. Didn’t noe there is such a section in the library. We proceed back to the the lab for some practise of drawings using illustrator. We are not allow to scan the material given by the Leon as a template, but gotta look at it and draw. Not too much problem for me. Leon actually yao qu us to be accurate in our drawing and placement of all the lines and shape. So wat he did was, he turned on the outline view and check individual placement of the objects. Nt much o the problem for me… (u.u)

Lester, Jackie, Serene, Johnson and me meet at the auditorium to watch Laily’s performance. Well… The hall is rather pack wif foreign students. So we settled at the seats behind. We shifted again becoz we manage to find an empty row. Phew! Very soon after tat, is Laily’s turn. Kekeke… Speaking the truth, the song is nice. Sweet melody. Veri qin qie

Then we proceed on to Bugis to shop ard and eat. We ate the Mos Burger. Yummy!!! And the auntie there gt attitude problems leh… Face black black one. Someone trys to fool ard wif her. Hahaha… Ganna stare back. Stupid attitude! Ask a lot of things abt Blackman frm the click. Hee… Dun say too much. Or else too obvious. Hahahaha… WE really think he does read our blogs, so… Suddenly miss nerd so gif him a msg. Hahaha… Crap ard until i reach home. Really long time neber msg him liao. Ever since he change his num, i mus refer to my phonebk to msg or call him. Arhh… Sian… Dun bother to memorise nw… I dun bother to memorise anything nw. Heez…

Missed the Arsenal vs Liverpool match. Damn it… The score is 2:1. Keke… No preference in supporting any team, but juz feeling like watching a match. Miss the days we haf World Cup.

My aunt come to my hse today. Long time no see her. I long time neber go visit her. Well… My cousin’s issue is being raised up again. It has been 3 years. Still remember i’m preparing hard for my sec 4 prelim in june period. Everything seems to be like a nightmare. Juz wonder how has she been for the past 3 years. Everyone in the family dreamt of her. Giving birth and you lose ur life… Not worth it. But tis is her fate… (T.T)