2nd October 2003, yesterday is Qin’s 19th birthday. After celebrating birthdays wif 3 of my best frendz, the year is about to end. We are about to part. Sad right?

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO QIN! We celebrated in school during lunch break. Rather quiet celebration. Heez… We are shy lah! Pai seh to sing loud in the foodcourt. Laily spent sometime cooking her barley + green bean soup for Qin. Nice sial… Xiao shu for us… And hope Qin like the presents we haf gave.

Most of us stay in school till 6pm coz Laily haf ACAN. So, Lester book the tickets online. On our way down, I saw Blackman. So i quickly rush my click down. Sob! Sob! “Happen” to meet him. We sort of walk out of the school together. Miss a golden opportunity to ask him out for movie. Becoz i hide behind my click, walking silently beside Qin. Pengz… I get really nervous and hot (body temperature rise lah).

Ended up in Cineleisure for the movie. This year new year time didn’t haf the opportunity to watch wif ZX at Cineleisure. So, yesterday is my first time to Cineleisure. Cozy small atmosphere. We watched 28 Days. Missed 5 minutes of the front part becoz we came in slightly late. The movie is damn disgusting. Not really scary, but got frighten by the sound effects. There are couple of violent scenes, wif blood gushing out, man killing man, the bat hitting the head… The language… Cannot make it lor. All the F**KING words came out. F**K here and there. First time i see a movie wif the actor saying so many F**K words. Damn it… The show really makes me uncomfortable. I ran to the ladies to vomit. Yucks…

Eat Yoshinoya, Salmon bowl for my dinner. Veri nice. Fish is the onli seafood in my menu. Heez… Then, take separate ways home wif some frendz. Tok, chat and gossip abt some stuff. Hahaha… Haf a really good chat wif my mates. U guys rocks!