Yesterday, celebrate Serene’s 19th birthday. Erm… An early celebration actually. Today will be the actual one. So… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U! I’ll need to shout this out to Wei Jyh oso. Happy 19th Birthday. Pretty surprise to find out tat Serene and ur birthday fall in the same day.

So a recap of wat has happen yesterday. I cum veri late for FYP yesterday. No mood to do any stuff. Attend the ELIT lecture as usual. Dunno why, it seems like it’s a long time ago we last attend his lesson. But, his lecture is always filled wif laughter. Endless laughter…

Then, we proceed to Marina Square’s PONDEROSA. We drop off at the Suntec City. Shock (for me) to spot a veri familiar shadow. Well… It’s Laily’s prince charming. A grp of his frendz are doing sum video shooting. Of coz, he notices us as our click enters. And then, sumone dun wish to leave the an fa xian chang. The prince charming murmur to his frendz ard him. Suddenly, all of them focus their attention at Laily. We noe wat’s going wrong. Lester and co oso not bad leh! U guys response quite fast huh… Once I tell u Laily’s prince charming is ard, u guys get it veri quickly.

No time is wasted. We gals go to the restaurant first. DRAGGING LAILY ALONG… Well… The food is nice. I order the Grill Gourmet. Nice! And plus the salad buffet, tat’s fulling. Play sum table games and proceed on wif the opening present ceremony. First gift is frm us, G-string. Hahaha… Tat’s to play wif her. Second gift is frm us again, tat’s a pair of handphone accessories. The purpose is to suan her. Last gift is a cushion frm us oso. The guys bought her a necklace.

Wanting to take more pictures. We assemble at the marina square’s staircase (veri significant one). Take a couple of grp photos. And I spot Laily’s prince charming again. I direct my click’s attention to him. So Qin suggests getting him to help us take photos. Qin quickly seize the opportunity and approach him as he walk nearer. We oso naughty lah. Ask Laily to take the camera back frm him after the shooting. Well, her standing position is really unsuitable for her to walk down. But the whole click shout her name. She mus be damn embarrassed.

Then, dunno who cum out wif a brilliant idea again (I tink it’s me), to ask him to take individual photo wif Laily. Haha… But the guy has gone far. Qin chase him back. As for us, those waiting at the stairs are so anxious. Thinking whether is it 1 person returning or 2 ppl returning.

Wat leow! Heng ah! 2 ppl cuming back. Haha… Sumone pai sei lor… Keep holding on to my arms. The prince charming requests a grp photo, so we respect him. And Qin hor! I mus really mention tis. U really hui zuo ren leh… Though u say take photo. But the first few taken by u is extreme zoom to the 2 main leads lor. Qin! U brilliant lor… Then, we ask the prince charming frend to take another photo for the complete grp. Tat will be the actual one.

Haha… No regrets lor. I first time commit such “crimes”. I can sense Laily’s shivering. We all go “Whoa… Woo… Ah…” when Qin shows us wat she actually taken. Hahaha… Well… We are juz a bunch of monkeys and kids. So monkeys do silly and nonsensical stuff. However, Laily has been complaining tat she has no chances to noe him. There it is… We haf created 1 for u… Plus, we dun haf much time in sch anymore. So tat’s a sweet memory for u…

Qin left us early. The rest go esplanade rooftop. Cool view frm there. First time there, and I jus like it. Next time dating gt one more place to go le… Yipee… Calling out to Qin, u mus go there oso. Veri nice view, u can take photos. Sit down there to talk, sing, play games… We leave there ard 9pm. On the way, Jacky started to dig out who’s the BLACKMAN I haf been mentioning in my blog. Well… secret dig out successfully. But please be fang xin, I won’t invest on him. I noe he dun suit me…

The last station is the Pacific Coffee at CitiLink. I drank the Vanilla Latte. Nice… Jacky’s drink is nice oso… We sit and chat there. There seems to haf so much to talk abt. A chatty click sial… Hahaha… Left at 11:30pm back home.

The Latte didn’t really work for me. I thought I will haf a sleepless nite becoz of the caffeine. But I soon fall asleep.

As for today… Wake up pretty late. Go downstair to cut my hair. It’s untidy and long. Now it looks weird. Meet Laily and Lester in orchard to shop ard for sumthing. Tiring day… See my hair tml pals… (u.u)