I haven’t haf any mood to update my blog. Feeling the ‘sian-ness’ and the ‘stress’ piling.

A… Yesterday, there is a ITP briefing. I went for the Oversea Talk oso. Hai… Ganna frighten by the amount need to pay. Guess is the Middlesex University one. Too expensive… Out of my expected budget. Then think of the lonliness leaving in a foreign country. (T.T)

I feel a sudden lost oso. Jus feel frighten to leave the school and my mates. This feeling is very familiar. Jus like what i haf when our sec sch teacher brief us for the Poly JAE. I jus noe i’ll be leaving. Leaving my current comfortable life. A lost in the future path tat is lay in front of us. Very mang ran

And… Yesterday may be my very last time sitting in MLT11, looking at my BLACKMAN’s back view… Remember the good old days i haf during DEUI, MMPJ and CANI. He will sit in front (but not all the time). Then, while studying, i can take a good look at him.

All these will be memories… As time past, memories fades…