A… Many say my blog is a blog who touch mainly about my personal life. What i do today, who i’m wif, what i dream of and most importantly, which shuai ge i’m crazy about. A blog where i start to fa hua chi about and blah everything out.

Well… Becoz these events are more significant mah… Those school stuff. Ai ya! So many ppl are complaining, grumbling and unsatisfied with. So no point to add on. Leave these to my frendz to raise up and I’ll join in the fun in their blogs then. I’m quite satisfy wif my life actually. Quoting from the previous post, i juz need the followings:

Food + Water + Sunlight + Shelter + Showers of luv + Frendz + Entertainment + Sleep*4 – Overweight = Happy me!

These few days not much of a thing leh. So neber comment much. Poor Charlene is sick again. Maybe onli this is siginificant >>The passerBy, anotherPasserBy, JustAPasserBy, jus passing by nick have been appearing frm blog to blog. It did cause sum commotion. But i guess it will be over.

Yar… Need to blah on wif my dream. I dream of Lester and Qin yesterday. This is hw it goes:

We haf organised a trip to sum other country (need to take plane one). So, the day before, Qin meet me and reminded me to pack up my stuff for the next day tour. Until then, i realise the trip is the cuming day. I quickly rush back home to pack up.

My hse is unusually crowded and re nao. But strange enough, no matter hw i search thru my hse, i juz can’t find my luggage and backpack. Night has fall… there is no shop tat is open. I started to panick. Qin and Lester are waiting for me at Terminal 1.

Stupid enough! I tell them i will be late. Expecting tat the plane will wait for me. So they wait for me frm bright day light till dark nite. I still didn’t turn up in the Terminal. And still cannt find my luggage.

Qin says this is my dilemma. Becoz in reality, my parents dun allow me to go abroad for holidays. So in my dream, i’m still facing and struggling wif the same problem. Can’t find my luggage == Pressure from my parents.

I quite agree…