Ok… After cooling myself down for quite a moment, I’m able to put my thoughts properly into my blog.

I thought today will be the usual boring days tat I haf. It is, for the first part of my day. Burying my head behind the computer, I am doing the f***king textures for my knight. I have been working these for days. Juz find tat I dun get the design out. Everything looks sucky and yucky… Hubertus meet us again. He didn’t say much but keep reminding us about the time we haf left. Kinda stress.

I’m suffering from this “DEPRESSION” thingy. It juz cum into my day at any moment, some more for no reason. I dun feel like talking, dun feel like eating, start to be kinda guai lan to my frendz, and the bo chap attitude… Hahahaha… Next time anyone find such syndromes appearing, juz heck care me.

Luckily I chase Laily home early today. I met ZX at the dover bus-stop. Laily frightens me by saying “Your frend is behind.”, in chinese. I’m still wondering, who’s my frend? I thought is Blackman. I quickly turn my head to the back. So astonished and amazed to see ZX standing right behind of me. (Erm… Laily! Wat do we last mention abt before you saw my frend?)

The first thing he says is “I thought you won’t be turning your head around.” He has frightened me… Today’s timing is juz right… After a few seconds, Laily’s bus arrive. So… Bye bye, Laily! He sits down beside me and kinda chat a little. A bit sit too close le. I scare lah…

His bus arrive too! Of course must take opportunity right? Me not ben dan lor… So I say “WE take 105. I can change bus to either 176 or 188 later.” We quickly hop in and settle down with a seat. Erm… Again… Still sitting too close, so I shifted a little out. But my buttock moves, not my shoulder. So our shoulders is still intact wif each other. He is the onli one who never fails to make my body not leaving him. This is his way of “COMMUNICATION SKILL”… We chatted quite a bit, there are some silent moments. Throughout these silent moments, my mind keeps thinking “Wat to say?! Wat to say?!” It’s kinda of mental block.

1 hr wif someone u dun like, u feel tat tis is long. 1 hr wif someone u like, god… It’s like seconds… Today’s journey back home seems super super super fast. I am breathing hard in the bus becoz my heart goes “Thub! Thub! Thub!” At least pumping 10 times faster than usual.

The more he gets intimate, the more I’m afraid… Sometimes he leans very close to me. Sometimes he speaks into my ear. Sometimes he plays wif my hands. Sometimes his head tilts towards me, acting cute. Sometimes he sits so close tat I can hardly move. (I dun feel like moving oso… =p) Then my heart pumps faster, then I start to breathe harder, then my face turns red, then I jiao ruan (leg numb), then the whole cycle repeats… Too much of a body contact isn’t tat good, yar?

He points our conversation topic to me. All about me… Wat am I doing nowadays? When am I graduating? Wat area am I advancing in? Will I continue further study? About the national day thing? About our schoolmate, Jun Tian. About why he isn’t bringing his jacket? A lot…

I’m still thinking hard where I should alight? I jus dun feel like leaving him so fast, so I accompanied him to where he alighted. I still act blur, saying “A… U stop here ah? U need to cross road one meh?” I noe all the answers, but I still ask.

My effort ain’t wasted. He promises to accompany me till my bus arrive. I gan jiong lah… Knock into a pole when I wanna talk to him. Tat makes him laugh… Stupid! My bus finally arrive, but I dun feel like leaving. I say bye bye le, but he says “Kan ni shang che xian” (Wait till u board the bus, then I leave). So sweet… He stand there till my bus drives off. He always melts me with all these sweet talk and sweet actions…

My heart still goes “Thub! Thub! Thub!” when I’m typing tis… Dunno will take how long to forget. Tonite cannot sleep well le lah… I’m toking loud and big in front of Laily. But the veri next moment, I becum veri shy… I dun dare to look into his eyes… Ai ya… Die! Die! Die!

But hor… I like him leh… How huh? I tink he is the one, without fail one, tat makes me so shy, makes my heart beats faster than usual… WITHOUT FAIL… Die lah! Die lah! Die lah!