Back in school today… Feeling so much better. But kinda drain and lack of sleep. I was doing some modification to the FYP’s website background yeaterday. Ancient and antique feel is hard to achieve (at least this is what i feel). I’m better in modern modern look. Arghhh… But all these are excuses for not cuming out wif good design.

Spend some time online yesterday… Met the usual selves. Crap here and there… My younger sister needed sum help for her chinese zao ju . Hmm… Gotta start my engine first. There are altogether 3 qns tat she had faced problems with. My dad was a fool. He keep nagging and say all the you de mei de, forming all those weird weird zao ju tat makes no sense. Crap! Manage to solve 2. Onli the last qn gave me a tough time. No matter how i form wif those helping words, it jus sounds weird. And there is this verb which seems veri extra. I just can’t form a complete and correct sentence wif all the words given.

So i approach my sec sch classmate for help. Spending quite a lot of time to type the han yu pin ying in my mobile and send them to this “genius”. So this “genius” is pretty lazy oso. He didn’t type the answer in his mobile, but went on calling me.

Alright! I admit sometimes i’m a bit SLOW…. A little bit NOT FLEXIBLE IN THE BRAIN. Then the answer is like… WHA… SO EASY…. Damn… I need to polish up my chinese le. Haven been writing a lot in chinese ever since i graduate.

PS: Sister! You dun ask me so many of ur homework lah… I graduated long ago… (u.u)