Got tied down with my ACAN animation in school today. Well… Todae is a good day to sleep. Very nice and cool weather. So shuang.

A… Todae is the graduation day for our previous batch of DMSE students. I dunno about this until somebody mentioned it. I missed my chance. Hai… There are 2 person in the previous batch whom i’m looking forward to see them again. There goes for my chance.

Manage to board my bus back home at around 7pm. Fall asleep in the journey. I just can’t help closing my eyes. They are just too heavy to be lifted up. Reach Bukit Batok Interchange to take another shuttle loop bus. Sob! Sob! I saw my primary school classmate, Xing Cai. Haha… Think he can’t recognise me.

It’s been quite a long time we last met. Though in same poly but we are at different ends of the poly. Missed the days i have with him. I always feel great when i talk to him, both on phone and face to face. Still remember those good old days, we are both prefects, librarians, love chinese, love badminton… We are good friends. And of course, there is this little ‘liking’ thing – chemistry, i will say.

Still remember the first time we ‘date’. Haha… This is 5 to 6 years back, when i’m in secondary 1. Guess what?! I suggested to go library. He hates library since then. Library thingy is just not his type. From then, everytime we go out, he will tease me. Saying that i should seek for more entertainment rather than libraries and books. Well… My parents are still very strict at that period of time. So no entertainment for me.

As for now, when he sees me, he will ask:”Are you attached?” And of course, the reply is always “No!”.