Desaru Trip + Long Tongue

Lester is always ahead of me, he has blogged about the Desaru trip we spent over the weekends. It is relaxing in a way, the Gan Clan Association has kept the itinerary simple and we are well taken care of by the organisers.

As usual, you spend most of the time sleeping on the coach when travelling to Malaysia. I get bored easily and started playing with my tongue. My tongue is long and pointed but Lester’s one is like short and bui bui~ Maybe that’s why he speaks faster while mine is too long and i always drip my saliva when asleep.

IMG_7552Caught.IMG_7623Lester has short and fat tongue.IMG_7746Diao me~IMG_7778Starwars shit~IMG_7899Loves table cloth.IMG_7917Durains~ Yum~