R Burger

We had a very dissatisfying dinner at Taka’s Central and ended up roaming around for more food.

R Burger is a franchise brought in by a Mediacorp Artiste, Adam Chen. In Asia, you can find them in both Japan and Thailand. So far, the only stall in Singapore is located in Orchard ION basement.

Imagine substituting brown sesame bread with Chinese white bao bun. According to the description, the bread of R Burger has added marine collagen that benefits our body. The burgers are wrapped in a pocket-like wrapper, like what we always eat with in MOS Burger. Buns are served warm and soft.

They have unique burger flavors, altogether 6 of them. We choose R Burger which is beef patty and Tofu Burger which is chicken and tofu patty. Do not expect mayonnaise, mustard, bbq sauce kind of seasoning. Instead, the savory gravy are much more oriental. A bit like eating kong ba bao. I also conclude that the bun belongs to those “high absorbent” type, so if your bun has less gravy in it, the whole burger just get dryer, less moist. I believe this is what Lester means by “more taste” with my Tofu Burger than his R Burger.

Everything is healthy, the buns are freshly steamed, the patties are pan-fried only. I only hope that the patties can be slightly thicker. Maybe 2 layers will be perfect.

But sometimes you just crave for deep fried stuff, didn’t we? To me, R Burger is just an alternative.

IMG_8518R Burger at Orchard ION Basement

IMG_8520R Burger Take Away Pack

IMG_8522R Burger Sticker

IMG_8523Imprint on All Burgers

IMG_8525R Burger (Beef Patty)

IMG_8521Tofu Burger Sticker

IMG_8526Tofu Burger (Chicken + Tofu Patty)