SMS Services Degrate Our Communication

“How huh? He never replies me. Did he receive my sms?”

“What took her so long to reply?”

“Should i reply to acknowledge?”

Sounds familiar right? Smses and Internet chatting services have become so convenient nowadays. But they fundamentally work the same as traditional letter writing. First, you have a message to convey. Second,  message often comes with anticipation for the next response or replies. Third, you sit and think of it all day till you receive the next writing. And the whole cycle repeats.

Except that we don’t sit and wait whole day now (sometimes we still do), the replies are almost instantaneously (not always) that we lose the anticipation (now we wait too long and get frustrated). And a sms, with no replies, followed by a phone call, can be seem as urgent, impatient or even rude (at least for me). So how different are we from letter writing?

This sometimes bother me. I don’t know if i should ring the person up, to know that he or she has gotten my message. Is this the right time to call? Am i a nuisance? Thoughts like that often float in my mind. My anticipations transform into hallucinations in my head, thinking what is going on or what the receiver is thinking.

So dear friends, don’t ignore my smses. It’s heart aching and brain damaging for me to wait.

P/S: And if i did ever ignore your smses, i’m very sorry because i want to ignore you.