Pi Pi’s Vet Visit

Today we went to James Tan Veterinary Centre located at Whitley Road. Pipi’s eyes get redder than usual. The eye tears and it has this dark yellow discharge. We thought it’s the haze but it isn’t. Apparently, he might have rubbed his eyes on the floor when we are not looking.

I asked the doctor if his condition has worsen. He told me he can’t tell. But the worst scenario is that the naughty boy can rub till he damages his eye cornea and bacteria get in. By then, he would be blind and have to remove the eye ball and stitch up the eye socket. Both me and my sister got so frightened that we decided to make him wear the collar whenever he goes to sleep.

We also enquire about his skin. The doctor shares his experience with us. He says the 3 major food causing dog skin irritations are: dried and canned food, treats and chicken. He told me that dried and canned food has preservatives and unknown substances which the dog’s body maybe allergic to. Also prevent chicken and eggs. So dog lovers, please take note.

Anyway, my silly Pipi is really afraid of going to clinic. He feels down when he is in the car. He ran off from the poach area when we reach, and chase after my dad’s car while he is trying to park. Then, he backs up again at the clinic door. Literally backup and escape between my sister’s legs. I went chasing him in the clinic. 笨死了。