Day 23: La Brea Tarpits & The Venice Canals

La Brea Tarpits is an interesting place to visit if you want to know more about prehistorical animals. Underneath this modernisation buries bones of ice age creatures which are still in process of excavation.

Getting from its name, Tarpits have tar flowing out from the Earth. Visitors can see paleontologists working on the excavation sites during summer (late June to early October) where the tar is at it’s most liquid state.

IMG_8030Statues Outside

Pit 91 Excavation

Pit 91 Excavation

The Page Museum, however, needs a new lift with their exhibits. A little too old and they doesn’t excite us at all.

Page Museum

Looks like Jurassic Park Office


We drove to The Venice Canals, where houses are built along the man-made canal of water. It is a quiet surrounding with beautiful houses, each has a little boat that they can park by the canal. You can take pictures as you take a stroll down the canal and bridges. Sometimes, you’ll see friendly neighbors who smile at you.

The Venice Canals

The Venice Canals