Men-ya Kaiko

Men-ya Kaiko Hokkaido Ramen is located at the basement of Orchard ION. This small eatery counter has a little space behind the counter. You’ll need to queue in front and wait for the staff to signal for your seats. While waiting outside, I am served with cold green tea.

Men-ya Kaiko Ramen serve 4 soup bases: White Miso, Red Miso, Spicy Miso and Soy Sauce (Shoyu). And I am excited because this shop also cater chicken ramen for people who don’t eat pork like me. Both of us ordered Chicken Ramen with Red Miso and Pork & Chicken Ramen with White Miso. Seriously, you won’t find it any different with the soup bases unless you drink from 2 bowls for comparison.

I forget to count how many chicken slices I am given, but I estimated a generous 5 or 6 pieces of large lean chicken. Whoo hoo~ Pork & Chicken Ramen on the other hand is half pork slices and half chicken slices. The pork slices are quite fatty according to Lester.

Noodle is eggy thick type. Lester commented it’s a little overcook, soggy. However, I only feel so when I am about to finish the bowl. Perhaps, the noodle’s texture is already less diong in the first place, and needs shorter cooking time? I wish to have more spring onions and bamboo shoots in my ramen. Can forget about the shoyu eggs if you like them to be runny in the yolk. Theirs are almost well done.

The staff are really very observant and polite. But for a small eatery like that, they charge a 10% service charge and 7% GST on top of the price stated. Payment are all in cash terms. Worth it?

IMG_8506Located at Basement of Orchard ION

IMG_8486Men-ya Kaiko Hokkaido Ramen

IMG_8487Display Menu at Counter

IMG_8490Please wait… It sells fast. Only in cash.

IMG_8485I am served with cold green tea while queuing.

IMG_8491Soup Bases: but can’t figure out what’s the difference.


IMG_8505Behind the Counter

IMG_8495Chicken Ramen

IMG_8502Lean Chicken Slice

IMG_8498Pork & Chicken Ramen

IMG_8499Pork Slices

IMG_8501Eggy Noodle

IMG_8497Well-done Shoyu Eggs