P.S. Cafe

After nagging for a few weeks and trying real hard to wake up early for brunch on weekends, I finally visited the P.S. Cafe.

I came to know this place (Paragon branch) during Polytechnic times. It’s the very few places we go dating back then. I only know them for their Banana Milk Shakes and cakes initially, because Lester loves them. Slowly, we started popping in to dine for their main courses. It’s only these few weeks, I crave for pasta, angmo’s food, spice and herbs. I feel like sunbathing and wearing a sundress and I suddenly think of P.S. Cafe. Did a little Googling, I am extremely attracted to the outdoor greenery of this particular branch at Harding Road.

It’s a little difficult to go into Harding Road without a car, kinda deep in. Weekends Brunch starts at 9.30am to 5pm (including public holiday) but often very crowded. We sit around the sofas await for the leaving guests, and later being ushered  to an outdoor table. Love it! Large areas are designated to non-smoking, only to the right are for smoking. So basically, you don’t get to smell the puffs at all.

We ordered Banana Milk Shakes Specials (Chan’s family all-time favorite), P.S. Digestive Tea (I am bloated), and Iced Lemon Lime Tea (Lester just loves ICED + LEMON +  TEA).  We go for Colonial Curry Pie, P.S. Sheperd’s Pie & Soup and Chicken Parmigiano for our main courses. The sun gets too hot and we shift under the shelter but still outdoor. Wraps up the meal with a cake, Ultimate Fudgy Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

I’m always looking for chances to stay out of air-conditioning and outside the concretes. This is quite a place to stay for long hours with ultimate clean flow of natural air and sun rays.

IMG_8566P.S. Cafe


IMG_8622Sofa to sit while waiting for your turn

IMG_8571Indoor section 01

IMG_8572Indoor section 02

IMG_8576Inviting cakes & magazines

IMG_8577Please wait to be seated

IMG_8582Outdoor section 01

IMG_8596Outdoor section 02 (Under the roof shades). Far at the back is the smoking dining area.

IMG_8583Call for cab? That is so sweet of them to leave a little card.

IMG_8587P.S. Cafe

IMG_8591P.S. Digestive Tea

IMG_8592A mixture of different flowers (Unsweeten)

IMG_8594P.S. Digestive Tea

IMG_8593Iced Lemon Lime Tea

IMG_8598Colonial Curry Pie

IMG_8600Colonial Curry Pie (Inside)

IMG_8599P.S. Sheperd’s Pie & Soup

IMG_8602P.S. Sheperd’s Pie & Soup (Inside)

IMG_8597Chicken Parmigiano

IMG_8603Chicken Parmigiano (All lean)

IMG_8605Ultimate Fudgy Brownie with Ice Cream

To Kader who says my blog makes him more hungry. You can now officially surf during the day. Selemat Hari Raya…