Sapporo Ramen Miharu

One of my recent cravings is Ramen. Visited Sapporo Ramen Miharu at Gallery Hotel.  Heard this is one of the few authentic Japanese Ramen set up in Singapore. The shop is pretty small.  Inside can only occupy 4 groups of people and some counter seats. For smokers, there are non-aircon seats outside. Gallery Hotel seems to be populated with Japanese dining, there are other Japanese dining tenants open too.

I find the noodle is more like  Santouka, the thicker noodle type. Generally the ramen portion is quite big. Sapporo’s ramen has a few more different soup bases to choose from:

  • Tokusen Miso (Special Blended Miso)
  • Miso Tonkotsu (Special Bleneded Miso Pork Flavored)
  • Ohkara Miso (Hot Spicy Miso)
  • Miso Tsukemen (Miso Cold Noodle)
  • Wabusi Shoyu (Fish Based Shoyu)
  • Tokusen Shoyu (Special Soy Sauce)
  • Tokusen Tonshio (Special Pork Flavored Blended with Salt)
  • Koumi Tsukemen (Soy Sauce Cold Noodle)
  • Dsshi-shio
  • Miso
  • Shoyu

Each ramen comes with half a shoyu egg, char siew, corn, bamboo shoots, spring onion and seaweed. However, most of us did not finish the soup because we find it too saltish to our tasting. Shoyu eggs here are almost thoroughly cooked to the yolk. I will prefer a little runny inside. There are also more different sides dishes to choose from compared to Maratama Ramen and Santouka Ramen. Char Siew Don comes in a small bowl but it’s nice. Leek omelette reminds me of the Guo Tie (锅贴) and pork gyoza is juicy, thumbs up! Tokusen Shoyu soup base is soya sauce taste with no miso i think, that explains the color of the soup. Leroy’s Miso Tonkotsu tastes like peppery mild Bak Kuh Teh. Tokusen Miso soup base tastes a little nutty.

Sapporo Ramen Miharu Ramen
Char Siew Don
Char Siew
MenuIMG_8067Tokusen Shoyu (Special Soy Sauce)IMG_8065Miso Tonkotsu (Special Bleneded Miso Pork Flavored)IMG_8068Tokusen Miso (Special Blended Miso)
Leek Omelette
IMG_8066Leek Omelette (Close Up)
Hokkaido Fried Pork Gyoza
IMG_8064Hokkaido Fried Pork Gyoza (Close Up)IMG_8056Yellow capped is vinegar and they have special blend pepperIMG_8055Special Blend PepperIMG_8070Tokusen Shoyu (Special Soy Sauce) Remaining
Miso Tonkotsu (Special Bleneded Miso Pork Flavored) Remaining
IMG_8069Tokusen Miso (Special Blended Miso) Remaining