Ronald Cheng X William So Concert Live 2009

2 insanely crazy zhar bor take only 5 minutes to decide on concert tickets booking 3 months ago. Here we are, 3 months later at Max Pavilion for Ronald Cheng and Willaim So’s concert. Both our secondary school idols, we are really excited about the concert. We even spam their songs in our mp3 players before this event.

William kicks off the concert by going to the audience area in his first song. So we ran to him to get close up shots of him and we never return to our seats. We sit at another more expensive category’s seats because they are empty. We at least ran out from our seats 3 times throughout the concert. The other 2 times are when Ronald enters the stage from the audience area, the last time is during the encore. We practically run all about to catch the stars.

A little disappointed with the lighting in Max Pavilion. We have very lousy pictures taken. We also expect more classic songs from them but nah… Encore is very short and we can’t remember what songs they sing. So we conclude that we can’t get the best out of the best from combine concert.

IMG_9152Ronald Cheng X William So Live 2009

IMG_91612 Xiao Zhar Bor

IMG_9229William So & Ronald Cheng

IMG_9184William So

IMG_9291Ronald Cheng

IMG_93232 Xiao Zhar Bor Act Happy